Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CFP: Philosophy and the Martial Arts

We are currently intending to produce an edited collection of academic essays on the philosophy of the martial arts, to be published by a good academic publisher. We invite contributions.

The martial arts may be Eastern or Western, ancient or modern. The scope is not restricted to any school or tradition of philosophy, and we do not favour any particular area of expertise, e.g. aesthetics, metaphysics, ethics. The important thing is that the essays be of high philosophical quality and be related to a or some martial art(s).

Papers will be peer-reviewed by at least two scholars before inclusion in the volume. An appropriate publisher will be approached if and when we have a sufficient number of suitable papers.

Papers must be received by the editors by 1st July, 2011. Expressions of interest and requests for information can be sent to Damon Young,

Please circulate this CFP widely.

Damon Young, University of Melbourne, Australia

Graham Priest, University of Melbourne/CUNY, USA


  1. Nick from A Touch of Rant blog on wordpress directed me to your blog. I am a Melbournite and very, very sorry to find that I missed your conference earlier this year. Will you hold another next year? If you do then be sure to let me know as I would love to come.

    I am not a martial artist myself. I used to be a performer, theatre maker and choreographer. I am a martial arts movie fanatic and blog about the movies on my blog on wordpress ( ). I am fascinated by the choreographic techniques in martial arts movies, and how martial arts is used as a performative and narrative device in these films.

  2. G'day there. I don't know if we're having another conference in 2011. The most immediate project is Martial Arts and Philosophy: Beating and Nothingness, which comes out in October. Then Graham and I are working towards a more academic book (the CFP above).

    But if we do have another, I'll drop you a line.